Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Marketing without Internet.. Perincian soalan saya

           Salam februari muncul kembali... beberapa perkara telah dinyatakan tentang pemasaran, saya ajukan soalan kepada pensyarah Uitm Sri Iskandar yang juga merupakan sahabat saya semasa sekolah dahulu.. tapi beliau membetulkan soalan secara tatabahasanya iaitu "boleh ke pada zaman sekarang ni buat marketing tanpa internet" ?? 

saya pun tanya soalan direct macam orang kampung kat pensyarah .. memang kena la sekali .. hahhaha!

Perincian yang boleh dikongsi bersama.. seperti berikut : 

Creativity is important when it comes to promotion. Marketing companies are always looking for the most innovative ideas to use for promotion.
Think outside the box. Try coming up with different and creative ideas that you could use to promote your blog. Here are a few promotional ideas I have come across and think are pretty cool!

# 1. Phone Calls
Obviously this can vary depending on your customer base, but sometimes a phone call can bring in a far more profitable result for your business than any number of emails or clever social media campaigns. As any good salesperson knows, listening is the number one skill needed to close the sale and where better than a phone to do this?

# 2. Customer Events
Bring your customers to you and tell or show them what you and your staff do? You’ll know what’s best for your business and sometimes an evening or afternoon a month might work, other times it might be a few events per year. Ultimately though once you’ve got them over the threshold you’ve made a good start. And yes some may be there for the nibbles, but more often than not you’ll get the goodwill back in business and over time it might even become a tradition.

# 3. Mailshots
We’ve all been on the receiving end of bundles junk mail in the letterbox but what about a real letter with some very interesting business information and content that’s appropriate to them? Yes it would cost considerably more than an email newsletter with postage alone probably being the biggest factor. But although you can’t track an open-rate chances are it will be higher than your average email if it’s managed properly.

# 4. Added Value Offerings
If you know your customer comes in once a month for a particular option, reward them with an incentive to come back in for a new service or product. This is something you’d arrange during their visit and can be printed on the back of a receipt or handed out as a flyer when the customer is paying their bill.

# 5. Sponsorship
Easy to implement, often costing less than you might expect too but looking after the kit for a local kids sports team where of course the audience is of doting parents is a branding opportunity that is often missed. Local schools, church groups or senior citizens clubs are also often not considered and yet are the places some of your customers may go on a frequent basis?

# 6. Business Associations
While all the emphasis has moved to social networking, you should never neglect the local business or trade association where over time you’ll regularly find trust blossoms into fruitful business relationships. Often you’ll find that the cost of any such association is quite insignificant when you weigh it up against the business gained throughout the year.

# 7. Local Newspapers
Depending on your location the distribution might be anything from a few thousand to several million, but ultimately all media outlets are on the lookout for relevant information all of the time. If you’re looking for a spot in the national newspapers you’re obviously competing for space with many, many others. If however your target audience is local you may well find the local free-sheet a very receptive audience, especially when you consider they’re probably working on quite a restrictive budget too.

# 8. Print Media
Prices can vary enormously for an ad in the print media although in recent years the overall costs have dropped considerably. You can however even amongst the most expensive of options find that rates may vary dramatically depending on the type of ad you place or even the day of the week. For those who aren’t particularly web-savvy you’ll often find the paper has an online edition which automatically gets a copy of your ad with no additional effort from you too and maybe even the attention of those customers you weren’t specifically targeting in the first place.

# 9. Point Of Sale Material
If your business is in retail you’ll have a plan in place to display your wares in windows but if space permits, review what alternatives are available in close proximity or even inside your own premises that may offer additional space for information or special offers – vacant units are frequently a godsend and you’re removing an eyesore from the high street at the same time! Update your material regularly too, if a window display looks the same for too long people will switch off.

Why you may ask have I looked at marketing without the web? Well, as I’ve illustrated above there are myriad options available when it comes to getting attention for your business and you don’t necessarily need to spend time up-skilling or struggling with the online world to market your business.

Terjemahan dia korang cari la sendiri ye.. aku pun tak dapat butiran dari buku atau artikel mana yang dia dapat.. mungkin akan datang aku minta pulak...

Terima kasih kepada sahabat saya iaitu Siti Daleela Bt Mohd Wahid diatas penerangan tersebut...
nanti aku datang ipoh saya banje kuew teow ye.. ehhe~!! 

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